Reminder : Think
love/ breath / be tolerant / respect / share / enjoy...

Use various media to spread the word! Create posters, stickers, shirts... With this messages : Reminder : Think! (and other verbs from the list below) in different langages, with any visual, graphic, font you like. Express yourself and communicate.

Various media : poster / photos / bookmakers / stickers / murals / Shirts / video...

Various images and design, from on concept.

On the website : a download platform for own printing, wallpaper for computer...
Facebook : images / videos to spread and share.

Aims : Involve the viewers to live the present moment, to think about the meaning of life, to think about others, to calm down and breath, to break their « consomme / work / sleep » daily circle...

In practice : see examples for ideas + add the W.A.S. Logo + website.
Then : share a record of what you've done (send it to me by email, and I share it on the facebook and website) like photos/videos.

Permanant project, open to anyone, no quantity limits.


Download a template : here


Examples :