Persia untold stories

"Persia - Untold Stories" is an independent and nonprofit peace project which began in May 2013.
To live in a friendlier world, first we need to have a brighter idea about each other. We (as an Iranian who live and grow up in Iran) want to share our own stories, and traveling with Iranian passport.
We would like to talk face to face with people who are interested in our goal, to find new friends and to learn about different cultures as we are sharing our own stories in Iran, as we live in.

Aims :
Explore aspects of every day social life in Iran and Iranian culture which may be unfamiliar to non-Iranian people.
Open peoples' mind about the Iran reality, by having a inside the country perspective, adding diversity to the usual media's view they got.
Meeting travelers, traveling, and sharing.

Why Iran?
Iran is a country that is mostly in news because of its political situation in the Middle East and the world. At the same time it’s a country which less been traveled by travelers of other countries and been isolated for several years under political dusts. However, it’s also a country of lots of different cultures and long historical background and complicated contemporary lifestyle.

How :
By a presentation, that travels around the world (power point + real person talks!),
By the organization of Iranian movies' night, in various places,
By a website is under construction : “A help guide” for traveling in Iran and explore it by your own.

How can you get involve ?
By supporting them, share the project.
By helping to organize a presentation in your own country

Contact :
Facebook or email