Shaghayegh Fakharzadeh

Living in Iran • contact here

I’m really into photography, Enjoy graphic design especially posters. Also I have some experience in making video art. The most topic that I’ve worked on it is personality. I really tend to work about social problems, women rights, peace ,gender equality, etc.
I like seeing new people from different cultures and share ideas.
I believe this sentence:
“Don’t fail, you have 1000 ideas that you didn’t work !”

Josh González

Living in Nicaragua • contact here

One of my specialties is black and white photography.
I think if you are an genuine creator, you can work in any place and with minimum requirements or utilities, you can do awesome things with little tools, you only need your brain, heart and imagination..
Remember, you are responsible for the message in your design.

Marie-Pierre Llorca

Living in Arles, France • contact heremariepatati.com

I like trying to give soul, life, feelings to my creations... With fun stuff, with words, with color.
Result of my excessive curiousity, mystakes, drop tracks, and random forms are highlighted. The differences and particularities are push at the first place.

Evelise Millet

Living in Caen, France • contact here

I live surrounded by pencils and papers. Printmaking, engraving, and books are my passions. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I write. I like to create compositions with organic shapes and human figures. I’m interested by the contemplation of nature, by the daily life. My work is mostly focus on the relationship between art and literature.

Carolin Rechberg

Living in San Francisco • contact herecarolinrechberg.com

Emphasizing the Aesthesis of Life by conciously acting with Gesture of Existance

Marjorie Freu

Living in San Francisco, USA • contact herema-i-graphic.com

I start to focus my art in having people involved, sharing and creating together years ago in France. With the association Ephem’art. Now I moved a step further with W.A.S.
I saw the impact of traveling, sharing, being curious on my own life, on myself. And the impact on other people's life, travelers, couchsurfers, readers, dreamers, curious souls... And I wish that every individual give it a try. People are like flowers, it's only if they open themself to this lightly world that you can fall chocked by they beauty.
As my favorite quote say " Life isn't about finding yourself, but about creating yourself."

Moez Karoui

Living in Ras jebel, Tunisia • contact heremozkid.wordpress.com

Two words describe our world : simplicity and difference. What I want more than anything is to get out of this machinery called "society". Long hikes in nature and photography helps me in this way.
In photo, seeking the natural. As I draw, reating a comics' world, manga, street art style.

Elis Kadic

Living in Izola (Slovenia) • contact here

I graduated in painting at the academy of fine arts in Venice (Italy)
In my drawings I try to express my intimate experience of the events around me and artistically define ideas that currently happen in my head.
I am inspired by the surroundings, everything that happens in it and causes the twitch, pulse to reaction-creation.

My works doesn't introduce clear socio-critical messages or similar allusions, as do many artists of the younger generation, as in the creative process with the help of pencil and paint I am looking for mainly myself. Therefore it's difficult to pull a thread of the style of my works, in fact I do not even want to, because they present images generated by each in its own time and space, especially in the moments between them are not necessarily linked, and therefore an integration of my works in a circle it seems to me superfluous.

Majd Alusta

Living in Amman • contact here

I'm a photographer, a writer, a meditation practitioner, a backpacker & much more; I sing, I dance, I laugh, and above all I live.
I was lost in the modern world and forgot who I really was until I discovered myself in the right time.
Living is an art, and life has endless beauty and lessons to teach us how to be the artists of our own lives. I am an extremely happy person, I tend to see the beauty that surround us, and I embrace each moment with a heart, mind and arms wide open; I love life and I thrive to spread the good energy all around to everyone.
“Remember! You get what you manifest”