A mail story

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As a receiver : 2 ways to subscribe : by email. Give us your email address and got newsletters on your computer of the character you picked.

By mail. Give a 6€ participation feeds (for the cost of the stamps and shipping, a year subscription) and get at your place the mails (postcards, letters, photos...) of the character you picked.

As a sender : Create you character, give him an identity, make him live adventures! As I did create Maï, create your own, and start to mail to your subscribers.

In practice : you can send and get illustrations, texts, photos, little stuffs, C.D....

You can send as much as you want depending of the rhythm of your inspiration. You can propose web or mail subscriptions.

You can give your address or email for your receivers to reply or keep it private.

Start by creating your character and is « ID card » and email it to me.

Aims : creating creative and imaginary links between people. Offering window on the world, on the diversity of it. Entertaining a regular dose of creativity. Cultivate patience, curiosity, language skills and visual sensibility.



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