The kisses project by Beatrice Cinnirella

The kiss is a very constant element in our lives!

Description : There are different kind of kisses : kisses between lovers, kisses between friends, kisses between relatives, kisses between colleagues, kisses with pets, kisses with plants,etc.

Aims : connect people from many countries through pictures of kisses that everyone can give during is own daily life, during is own work day, during is own free time or so on... to : kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, colleagues, relatives, knew or unknown.
Spread the idea of a ´kiss´ in some funny and original ways.

Have fun & kiss in great way!

Practice : send to be_atri@hotmail.it the photo (the higher size as possible, if it's too big by email use wetransfer ) with your name, the name of who is on the photo, where it had been take, and a little descriptive text if you will like to. We will send you a copyrights form, to protect the photo.

We will to try make exhibitions out of it, with some printing and some screen slide shows.

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