You will like to be a part of the W.A.S. team? How does this work?

We are open to everyone ! As a creative person, work on any project we propose you in your style, with the media you like. Then, email me what you've done, or photos of it !

You can as well propose us new projects, just email me about it, and if it does fit with the W.A.S. mind, it's good to go !

You are more than welcome as well to talk about us around you, promote any projects, poster us around, stick us where ever you travel to... If you need material, go to the download section !


As a participant to W.A.S. you give us your contact, and we give you the contact of all the W.A.S. fellows. Like this we can all share and communicate on projects or whatever we are feeling like sharing or talking about. Do we do meetings and so? Not really, we are all around the world, dealing with our crazy life... We do skypes times to times, though.