W.A.S. is a guide for collective open projects, about idealists, about dreamers, about creative people...
Yes, this is how it W.A.S. before... What's now, what's next?

W.A.S. : I'm Marjorie Freu, the initiator of this project. I'm a dreaming soul. A creative one, wishing to help and motivate others with my own little brain, hands, and soul...
W.A.S. is a mindset, a mood that guides creative projects : it directs creative open projects, from anywhere around the world, from any creative soul, with any possible media, to communicate publicly any individual or collective thoughts, ideas, projects... It uses art and design for a societal purpose.

The big guidelines, or mood to follow :
All the projects are non-profit. Each assumes its cost, or is responsible for finding non-commercial and non-political financial support. No self-glory aims.

Aims :
Open the mind, stimulate people to communicate more, spread ideas and ideals. Make people think about ecologic, societal, economic, educational, health-related and community-related issues. Offer windows on the world in places that are closed-up, tools for expression, hope for an improved world.
Link creative and sensible people all around the world, from any background. Give support to various projects.

In practice :
As an individual or group you can : participate in the open projects, propose projects for any creative person to be a part of, link a personal or pre-made project to W.A.S. if it follows the W.A.S. mindset.
I am playing the moderator, filtering the projects and participants, and making sure everything follows the W.A.S. mood on a quality and respectful level.

How to be a part of W.A.S. ?
Contact me, propose your idea for a project, propose your participation on a W.A.S. project, or ask me to link one of your finished project to W.A.S.
Then I spread the word...

PS : though the communication is in English, the projects can be multi-lingual, but will be presented on W.A.S. in an English version.